Friday, August 29, 2008

New SCD Cookbooks!

I just got in two new-to-me cookbooks for the SCD: Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Raman Prasad and Healing Foods by Sandra Ramacher. I'm really excited by these additions to my cookbook library. One of the things that I struggle with in doing the SCD is the lack of variety that I fall victim to every time. I grew up in a household where a vegetable was corn or potatoes. As an adult that has made me into a naturally picky eater. And many of the lovely members of the vegetable family are completely foreign to me. The same for some of the more exotic spices and flavors that the food world has to offer me.

Both of these glorious cookbooks are filled with recipes that include ingredients that, while I have heard of them, I've never included in my cooking before. I really hope that the inspiration that I feel flipping through the books and looking at the incredible pictures will translate into many new food loves. The only real drawback to these is that they are a bit more gourmet than I'm used to in my everday cooking. That is not a bad thing because both books are filled with recipes that are of a quality that can be used to entertain. But many are a bit more complicated than I'm looking for for a midweek meal. That being said the desert and main course sections of both books are loaded with recipes I can't wait to try.

First up for me is the Foccacia recipe found in Raman Prasad's book. It couldn't look more yummy. And since it's made with almond flour I feel comfortable giving it a go. From Sandra's book the Light White Bread and the Pumpernickel bread recipes are calling my name. It's not a coincidence that these are bread recipes. I'm really craving bread today. But there are some awesome new takes on preparing chicken in both books that have me salivating.

Stay tuned for the results!

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